Société Internationale de Radiobiologie de Langue Française (S.I.R.La.F). The International Society of Radiation Biology in French Language. The objectives of the SIRLAF are to promote and enhance exchanges of information in French language in the field of radiobiology and to support young scientists involved in radiation biology research especially in labs from the French-speaking area. SIRLaF, International French-Speaking Society of Radiobiology, société savante, francophone, rayonnement, ionisant, colloque, radiation, ionizing, congress, radioactivité, radioactivity, interaction, radioactive, radioactif, particule, contamination, exposition, exposure, cancer, oncology, oncologie, carcinogen, radionucléide, radionuclide, radioélément, radioelement, radioconta, source, tumeur, tumor, tabac, polonium

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